Information in case of accident Print

Warning ! The procedure of amiable accident finding is applied only if in the accident there are involved two vehicles and there are only material damage resulting thereof.
Filling in and signing the amicable accident finding form is not an acknowledgment of liability drivers but a plurality of elements and facts that will help address the claim files.

1. Preamble

If you were involved in an accident resulting in only material damage, duly, legible, fill in the finding amicable accident form in block capitals, using a ballpoint pen. If none of the drivers involved has no such document, you will addressed to any of the insurers RCA headquarters of one of the drivers involved to obtain it.


2. How to use a form of finding amicable accident

a. Preliminary formalities

i. Note the details of all witnesses and write them in the finding amicable accident form in the upper right. Warning: Witnesses cannot be people who have been in one of the vehicles involved and any spouse, relatives and in-laws with one of the two drivers. Also cannot be co-workers or employees of the same employer.
ii. If you can take photos of the accident site, trying to capture signs, traffic markings, the vehicles in the crash position, and their failures. Use shooting angles wide enough to view the entire scene (if there is an intersection, the whole intersection) and make photographs of at least from two different angles.

b. Completion of finding amicable accident form

i.Drivers involved fill in together a single finding amicable accident form. Attention ! Each of the drivers involved complete one section either the blue one (vehicle called A) or the yellow (vehicle called B).
ii. We recommend that the identification data of the drivers, so the driver can check the veracity of the data involved. It is the same in the case of mentioning the RCA insurance policy. We also recommend you to keep, if possible, copies of documents, namely the policy of RCA and is advisable for you to note, in addition, address, phone number, email address and the personal number of the other driver participant of the accident, for correction, in case of error in filling in the form of finding amicable.
iii. The form is completed with X in the appropriate box depending on how the vehicle was found before the accident and in the moment of the accident. Attention! Do not forget to check all boxes that correspond to the facts even if there are more. Read carefully before filling in the form.
iv. The form contains only one space for achieving one sketch of the accident, the space where the two drivers will fill in a detailed agreement. We therefore recommend to use a draft beforehand or discuss about the implementation sketch of the accident and only after both drivers should agree, concerning the drawing of the accident on the finding amicable accident form.
v. Both drivers will sign the amiable finding car accident form.

c. Using the finding amicable accident form

i. After filling in the finding amiable accident form, each of the drivers keep a copy of the two from the amicable finding accident form, and will come to an insurer to obtain the document of introduction in repair or / and compensation, as appropriate.
ii. If you think that you should not receive compensation for the damage, submit the amiable finding accident t form at the RCA insurer own headquarters to obtain the document of introduction in repair.
iii. If you think that you should receive damages as a result of the accident damage, deposit finding amicable accident form at the RCA insurer headquarters of the other driver involved in the accident and follow the insurer instructions to obtain the document of introduction in repair.
iv. If you intend to submit the finding amicable accident form at ABC Insurance and Reinsurance SA follow the instructions from the Claims section on our site and to ease carrying this procedure please do not hesitate to ask for assistance by telephone 021-230 51 51/230 51 81, from Monday to Friday between 08:00 a.m. - 04: 30 p.m.