Insurance contract guarantees Print

Providing the guarantee to participate in auctions
With this insurance, the insurer guarantees the fulfillment in good terms of the obligations assumed by the insured to participate in public procurement of works or provision or of services. This coverage provides protection for the beneficiary of the guarantee and is activated in any of the following conditions:
a) when the insured withdraw their offer after the official opening of the offers;
b) when the insured withdraw their offer after the award of the contract;
c) when the insured, although winning the auction, he has not signed the contract object of the auction within the period stipulated in the offer / tender book;
d) when, as winner of the auction, this does not represent the guarantee to be executed within the period stipulated in the offer / tender book.

The insurance of the guarantee to be executed
This guarantee is an irrevocable and decisive commitment assumed by the Insured and the Insurer regarding payment to beneficiaries (Purchaser) in the amount of compensation provided, in case the insured does not fulfill the obligations stipulated in the contract including the guaranteed obligations.

Maintenance warranty insurance

Maintenance warranty insurance to maintaining guarantees for the Beneficiary, retrieval any failure or flaws in the work executed, appeared in the post-execution guarantee period (the period of maintenance/aliment), according to dispositions of the contract.

Insurance guarantee of the return of the deposit
Insurance guarantee reimbursement of the amount paid in advance through a security whose value decreases with the amount of the works performed, usually a fixed monthly rate, according to the contract.