General Information

Ladies and Gentlemen,
ABC Insurance and Reinsurance Company S.A. invites all those interested to seek solutions for an amicable solving of any situation / problem / divergent views.
We pay special attention to the way in which we can support the insured customers, persons injured, of repairing units, or in the interest of any person who wishes to clarify a particular or a general problem about the activity of our company.

Therefore, we invite you to call the available channels you can use, by phone, fax, e-mail or letter, and we assure you that you will find a prompt, quick and honest response, in relation to how that interest may be properly applied properly, the legal obligations that society has assumed within its own activities or its business as a result of applying the legal framework.

We assure you that the simple request verbal by telephone, will be treated seriously and will result in the application of correct solutions for such requests.

To prevent the occurrence of situations that could arise divergent, we address to all of our clients with the request that, since the time of the application to conclude an insurance contract, to follow carefully the information contained in the informative documents before the conclusion of the insurance contract, to study all the conditions of insurance and if it is possible also the legal frameworks.

We are waiting for comments, suggestions and your petitions to any local agencies or at the head office.
Contact details for petitions and complaints are dedicated and listed below:

Iulian NEGRU - Problem-solving Committee Coordinator
Phone: 021-230.51.51 / ext 206