Company History

ABC Asigurari Reasigurari S.A is a Romanian private capital company with shareholders consisting mainly of construction companies and private individuals.

Established in 1997, ABC Asigurari Reasigurari S.A it started working since October 2000 by launching assurance products.

ABC Asigurari Reasigurari S.A was purchased in June 2000 by Hidroconstructia SA, and in August 2000 expanded its ownership by co-opting other four construction companies and their employees: Iridex Group SRL, Energoconstructia SA, Stizo SA, Frigotehnica SA and raised its capital to 9.2 billion lei.

In October 2000 ABC Asigurari Reasigurari S.A was approved by OSAAR for developing its assurance activity.


Between 2001 – 2002, ABC Asigurari Reasigurari S.A expanded its ownership, the new shareholders being Cominco SA, Apasco SA, Imsat Rm.Valcea SA and Cons Emivas Cons Reghin S.R.L. and joined ARACO - Romanian Association of Construction Entrepreneurs.

Since 01.01.2005 the company is authorized to practice compulsory liability insurance for vehicles (RCA).

The company is registered in the Insurance Registry with the number RA-035-10.04.2003.

From first quarter of 2006 the Company is a member of Vehicles Insurance Office from Romania.

Currently, the share capital is 16,760,000 lei.

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