Customers and Partners

One of the objectives of ABC Asigurari Reasigurari S.A is that of being the reliable insurer of the construction companies - assembly which operates in Romania providing assurance services at competitive prices and developing mutually beneficial partnerships.

ABC Asigurari Reasigurari S.A is a member of the Romanian Construction Entrepreneurs Association and also a member of the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Partnership in the reassurance plan was developed with Re Partner, in the period 2001 – 2005, based on a bouquet treaty type. For facultative reassurances, there are potential partnerships with: Mapfre Re, GE Frankona Re, Hannover Re, Russian Reinsurance Company, Transsib Re and others.

In the period 2006-2009, the reinsurance partnership developed primarily with Munich Re based on Bouquet treaty type, and since 2010, the establishment of this type of treaty was made with the reinsurer Partner Re.

For vehicles liability insurance, the reinsurance is placed by Swiss Re, Partner Re, Scor Global P & C. The assistance contracts are signed with the companies CORIS ROUMANIE and INTEREUROPE.

Among the customers, our company has concluded sustainable and advantageous partnerships, we are going to mention only a few companies and public institutions without diminishing in any way the importance and our appreciation for the other partners. We are recalling in this context our partnerships with: Hidroconstructia SA, Iridex Group Import Export SRL, Apasco SA, Ministry of Labour and Social Solidarity, Ministry of Finance, National anticorruption directorate, the Supreme Court, Cetelem IFN SA, Egnatia Leasing, Sanitation Services Bucharest, etc.

ABC success is based on the proximity to its customers, developing together sustainable partnerships. The company is faithful to the principle saying that the basis of a long-term relationship is the mutual trust.

Also, we have energy, desire and resources to generate new partnerships permanently developing a wide range of distribution channels for our products through its own network and by co-operators.